Hotel rooms

  • Maximum number of guests: 11
  • Number of rooms: 5

Room types
Single room:

Prices for our rooms including breakfast
8040HUF/night - 30EUR/night

Double room:

11280HUF/night - 42 EUR/night

extra bed with breakfast

3000HUF/night -12 EUR/night

Tourism tax
(for guests aged 18 - 60 ):

360 HUF/ person/ night - 1,5 EUR /person/night


Amenities in the rooms


High -speed internet access

Cable TV

Writing desk


Mini bar

Hair drier

Safe deposit box (not in each room)



Other services

Room service


Private parking

Bicycle hire

Bicycle storage place

Bus parking space

Inner garden




Accepted paying methods

Holiday cheques

Food cheques

Credit cards

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