Menu Offers for Sightseeing Groups

Menu "A" : 2,500 HUF/person

-Meat soup with liver dumplings in a cup
-Main dish:-roasted pork chop in mustard dip cooked with onion -bacon ragout
-Roasted chicken breast fillet topped with tomato slices, grated cheese, sesame seeds and baked in the oven
-Parboiled potatoes seasoned with parsley
-Shredded cabbage salad
-Crépes filled with strawberries in vanilla dip

Menu "B": 2,500 HUF/person

-Creamy onion soup with cheese toast
-Chicken breast stuffed with asparagus, topped with chive and cheese sauce, and garnished with pan fried potatoes and onion (Roesti )
-Chestnut puree with whipped cream

Menu "C" : 2,500 HUF/person

-Creamy strawberry yoghurt soup
-Grilled chicken leg served with stewed plums and rice
-Crispy grilled ice-cream balls drizzled with caramel

Menu "D" : 3,000 HUF/person

-Creamy Bolete mushroom soup and garlic toast
-Stewed vegetables and chicken breast slices in a wok , served with rice
-Panna Cotta -Italian creamy dessert with strawberry sauce






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