School Reunions

-Seating opportunities for the school reunions:

           Captain Drake's saloon:                    up to 30 people
           Main Deck:                        "              from 20 to 50 people
           Beer garden:                      "              up to 50 people

-Technical equipment for the occasion
Projector with a USB port, CD-DVD player, wall sized flat screen

MENU offers for 3000 HUF / person


Menu "A"
-" Pirate's " pork steak with fried potatoes / roasted pork chop dipped in mustard, and served with onions and bacon ragout /
-Mixed salad ( shredded cabbage, tomatoes and cucumber
-Panna Cotta (Italian creamy dessert with strawberry sauce on top)

Menu "B"
-Turkey breast fillets with duckliver-bacon ragout, served with sauté potatoes and parsley, and a cup of sweet peach pickle
-Crépes filled with hazelnut creme and served with vanilla icecream, topped with mixed forest's fruit ragout

Menu "C"
-Grilled chicken breast stuffed with green asparagus , topped with melted cheese and chives and served with fried potato garnish
-Mixed salad
-Crispy grilled ice-cream ball drizzled with caramel sauce

Menu "D"
-A medley of main dishes on plate: 1 portion of Pirate's Steak, 1 portion of Sesame Chicken Breast fillet, 1 portion of battered Trappista cheese, chips/French Fries, rice and peas
-Mixed salad
-Grilled icecream

Menu "E"

- Champagne cocktail
- Poultry skewer on bed of green salad, jacket potato, salsa sauce
- Ice cream sundae

We expect a deposit of 10 000HUF.


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