Sample Menu Offers for Student Groups

MENU A : 1,200HUF /person
Meat soup with noodles , vegetables served in a cup
Battered chicken breast with chips/French fries and ketchup
Crépes filled with sweet cocoa

MENU B : 1,200HUF/person
Creamy strawberry yoghurt soup
Sesame Chicken nuggets fried in a wok with stewed rice
Crispy grilled ice cream balls - kids' favourite!

MENU C 1,200HUF/person
Creamy chicken nuggets with pine apples and stewed rice
Sweet chestnut puree with whipped cream

MENU D : 1,200HUF/person
Chunky meatsoup ( meat , vegetables, vermicelli )
Pirate's pork steak with potatoes and parsley
Shredded cabbage salad
Crépes filled with strawberries

Our optional discount priced drinks for these menus:

  • Fizzy soft drinks : 200HUF/3dl (appr. half a pint )
  • Bottled mineral water -fizzy or still :200HUF



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