Wedding Reception MENU Offers

Seating Capacity of the Main Deck:                     40- 70 people
                                   Captain Drake's Saloon:    max 30 people

                                   Beer Garden:                      max 50 people


Toast:        A Glass of Törley Champagne

  • Chicken soup with vermicelli in bowls
  • Boiled meat on separate plates , tomato sauce and grated horseraddish in vinegar

Main Dish     for 4 people

  • 2 portions of Gordon Turkey Breast ( battered turkey breast fillet stuffed with cheese and ham )
  • 4 " Pirate " steaks (roast pork steak with mustard and onion-bacon ragout )
  • 4 portions of Sesame Chicken breast fillet (we put grated cheese and sesame seeds on roasted chicken breast then bake it in the baker's oven )


  • 2 portions of potato cooked with parsley
  • 1 portion of French Fries / Chips
  • 1 portion of rice and peas
  • mixed salad, ( shredded cabbage, cucumber , tomatoes )

Total price with champagne: 3200HUF/person

Toast     One glass of Champagne cocktail

  • Meatsoup/Bouillon with liverdumplings

Main dish      for 4 people

  • 4 portions of Grilled chicken leg
  • 4 portions of Roast turkey breast fillet oven- baked with cheese, sesame seeds and tomato on top
  • 4 slices of Battered Trappista cheese


  • 2 portions of Chips / French fries US /
  • 2 portions of Rice and peas
  • Mixed salad

Total price with champagne: 3200HUF/person



Toast: One glass of Törley Champagne

  • Chicken soup with vegetables, and noodles
  • Hortobágyi crépes - salty crepes stuffed with chicken stew in paprika-sour creme sauce ( 1 portion )

Main Dish:

  • Roasted pork tenderloin with stewed mushroom and melted cheese on top
  • Grilled Chicken breast stuffed with green asparagus
  • Fried Potatoes
  • Cheese dip seasoned with chives
  • Mixed salad
  • A Cup of Tiramisu

Total price for this menu offer with Champagne: 3500HUF/person



Toast:     Champagne cocktail

  • A Medley of cold starters ("Tartar" beefsteak, feta cheese with pesto sauce, aubergine/eggplant spread with toast)
  • A steaming bowl of chunky chicken soup
  • Grilled Chicken breast fillet in smoked ham wrap served with cukkini split and parboiled potato
  • Crépes filled with strawberries and drizzled with vanilla sauce


Total price for this menu with the Champagne cocktail: 3600HUF/person  


BUFFET Dinner after Midnight::

  • Stuffed Cabbage: 1000HUF/portion
  • Pork Stew with dumplings, pickle 1000HUF/portion
  • A Medley of cold food on plate: ( mixed vegetable salad with mayonnaise, potato salad with sliced onions, meatballs, pork chop, grilled chicken leg, stuffed vegetables ) 1500HUF/portion

Some of our special discount priced drinks for a wedding reception:

  • 0,5 l bottle of beer (Dreher)  400HUF / bottle (approx. 1 pint)
  • 1.5 l bottled mineral water:                              600HUF/ bottle
  • Fizzy drinks:                                                           700HUF/litre
  • Pure 100% fruit juices:                                          800HUF/litre
  • Alcoholic drinks: Unicum,Jagermeister,                400HUF/4 cl 
                       William's pear, Cherry Brandy:           400HUF/4 cl
                       Martini sweet and dry:                        350HUF/8 cl

You may bring your own home-baked cakes , layer cakes, and one brand of alcoholic drinks ( over 30 guests ) to the party.
Decoration and furnishing of the room as discussed.

The room hire is free of charge.


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