The main deck ( with a seating capacity of 70 ) , Captain Drake's Saloon ( with a seating capacity of 30 ) and the Beer garden ( for maximum 50 people ) from spring to autumn is suitable for varied functions ( such as official parties with music, receptions, group dinners, seminars etc. )

- End - of - the -Year Parties or other " During -the -Year " Music Parties , Dinners can take place here up to 100 guests:

  • with regular catering service and previously discussed menu offer,
        - a 3-course meal from 3000HUF/ person
        - buffet lunch from 4000HUF/ person
  • there is an opportunity to have a wine dinner : we offer the right type of wine accompanying the dishes with the help of a professional wine grower or a wine expert
  • optional opportunity: A 2 - hour game of poker at a professional poker table with two dealers
  • music entertainment: as required

- Company Seminars, Trainings for up to 25 people ( Capt. Drake's Saloon )

  -technical equipment:
      projector, wall size screen,CD/DVD player,microphone,flip chart

  -catering service:
              -coffeebreak ( coffee, refreshments ) 500HUF / person
              -lunch or dinner from 2500 HUF
  -room hire fee: 2500 HUF/ hour



MENU A: 4,000HUF/person
  -Medley of fish ( salmon tartare , smoked mackerel stuffed with green spiced cheesecream , grilled tomatoes stuffed with prawn /shrimp US )

  -Creamy Bolete mushroom soup with bacon and chanterelle

  -Pullet breast grilled in matured ham wrap with courgette split, potatoes

  -Tiramisu in a cup


MENU B: 3,000HUF/person

  -Cold appetizer and toast (feta cheese with pesto sauce , bruschetta with tomato)

  -Main dish-
     -Pirate's roast pork ( roasted pork tenderloin dipped in mustard and cooked with bacon- onion ragout )
     -Turkey breast fillet with melted cheese and sesame seeds on top and fried potatoes

   -Crispy grilled ice cream balls drizzled with caramel


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